Fun Preschool Fundraising Ideas

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Fun Preschool Fundraising Ideas

Preschool fundraising is considered as an important part of the life of students as this helps them learn a lot of lessons about life, which they can later on apply when they grow up and face the real world. When setting up a fundraising campaign, choosing the fundraising idea to carry out is perhaps one of the hardest things to do as this will have a huge effect on the overall success rate of the fundraiser. Ideas need to be fresh so that they can be really effective. In addition to this, they also need to be interesting and fun not only for the customers but for the volunteers as well.

If you are caught in a tangle of coming up with a good campaign that you and your members can set up, then save yourself the time and effort because I will be providing you with some good preschool fundraising ideas in this article. First on my list of fundraiser ideas is the popcorn fundraiser. This is really fun and exciting however; this will require a good amount of volunteers. In addition to this, you also need to make your initial investment as small as possible so that you can generate a good amount of profit. You need to buy cases of popcorn. Each of these will contain at least 6 packs with each one containing 3 bags. Selling out popcorn will be really good during different school events such as school games where people watching will want something to munch on while they are watching their favorite sports. You can sell out a pack of popcorn for at least $10 each.

Next would be the walk your pet campaign. This is considered a favorite by a lot of people because of the huge amount of fun that it can offer. In order to make this work out well, you need to have a small group of volunteers both in your school and in your neighborhood. Tell your volunteers to knock at the doors of peoples houses and ask if it would be alright for them to take their pets out for a walk. This campaign is considered effective and helpful at the same time. This is so since a lot of people nowadays are often caught up in very busy schedules that they find it really hard to take their pets out for a walk. Based on this fact, you will know that you will be able to generate a good amount of money if you opt to go for this type of campaign. One of the important things you need to look into here would be the fee of your services. Pet walking is typically priced at $2 per hour. When you take pets out for a walk, be sure to get some good information from their owners so that you can have a good idea about how you need to handle the animals.
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Now that you have a set of preschool fundraising ideas that you can carry out, you can now proceed to learning tips on how you can make these campaigns really effective in terms of generating funds. Drop by at the AIM Fundraising website so that you can get the tips and information that you need about this.

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Fun Preschool Fundraising Ideas

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    ysabella- 2012/10/18 10:10:11 am

    Doing a popcorn fundraiser is one of those things that you can do to get your family involved. It can be quite stressful due to the preparations. Nevertheless, the help you will get from the community is what's important.

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    bianca desk- 2011/02/21 22:44:35 pm

    It's all about teamwork and careful planning. If you want an expert to help you throughout the process, you can definitely get it from the Phoneraiser site.

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