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Known as the manner of soliciting an amount of cash needed to generate for a certain activity, fund raising is a request of donations that will come from business agencies, private individuals, charitable foundations and government agencies. At times that it is referred to as the accumulation of bits of support for non- profit organizations. Fundraising is the primary, yet formal approach in asking for money.

Fund raising can involve various types of groups. It may be an academic institution who will be creating a website so it will be easy for them to get in touch with their graduates or religious communities who will be building a new building for their headquarters where they can hold regular meetings.

Special events are another form of fundraising such as putting on luncheons to running jump-a-thons. It can be where a lot of people are engaged to develop awareness of it's existence and mission. It is not only for the purpose to acquire funds but to also bring together those that are not immediately involved in the hope that they will also join the cause.

However, it can never be avoided that fund raisers have been utilized for less than reputable purposes. They have tainted the reputation of what the real sense means. Due to the monkey business tricks that have been reported every now and then, there are a lot who desire to help out but are already thinking twice. It is because they doubt the credibility and integrity of the organization conducting the fundraising event. They are not sure of where the money they have invested will go and it may end up just in the pockets of those who are heading up the organization. It is a sad situation but many legitimate organizations have already fallen prey to the bad reputation of others.

It is because of situations like this that school groups should spend some time and resources communicating their needs to the community... the parents!

With every fundraising project that goes home with a school student should be attached clear communication to the parents of those students. It can be attached to the sales brochure on top in plain site so that it will be the first thing seen by them when they get home.

Additionally, it is much better to have the same type of communication sent home with the students even before the fundraiser begins. Doing this will greatly increase the participation in your fund raiser and thus make it a lot more profitable.

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Better School Fundraising

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This article was published on 2010/03/27