Amigos Salsa Fundraiser: Having A Checklist Is Really Helpful

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Amigos Salsa Fundraiser: Having A Checklist Is Really Helpful

An Amigos salsa fundraiser may offer a different type of product from other types of campaigns out there but it's still governed by the basics or essentials of fundraising. If you want to make this sales campaign really effective and profitable you need to arm yourself with a checklist. Yes, it's a simple piece of paper but it can take your campaign to huge heights.

Using a checklist for your Amigos salsa fundraiser will help you make your efforts and plans more organized. This is the main advantage that this thing can offer. It may not sound much but if you're someone who's been through the process of setting up a fundraiser, then you will surely be aware of the fact that keeping a record of things is vital if you want to make things run smoothly. Your list basically starts with setting a fundraising goal. Every fundraising campaign or event needs one. Your goal refers to the reason or cause why you and your members need to raise funds. In other words, this will serve as your navigational tool. Next on your list should be establishing a spending budget for your products, advertisements or publicity, and prizes or incentives for your volunteers. Since you've already decided on the kind of product that you want to offer people in your community, you can skip the task of choosing what item to sell out. You can jump to the step of contacting a good fundraising company or supplier who will be able to provide you the products that you need. A good company is one that offers low-priced products and those that feature prize programs. The latter serve as strong motivators for volunteers so that you can get everybody in your team to work hard towards reaching your fundraising goal.

Next on your list is deciding on which people you're going to sell your products to. You can go through this task by asking each of your members to make a list of prospects. Each one of them should have at least 6 to 10 prospective customers on their list. After listing prospects, you need to set the starting and ending dates of your sales campaign. A fundraiser should be time-bound so that people who will be carrying it out will have a good sense as to how much time they have left to reach your goals and objectives. Next in line is gathering a team of hardworking volunteers. Your volunteers should be willing to sacrifice their time and effort for the success of your fundraising campaign. Inform your volunteers of the amount of time that they have to sell your products. Make sure that you provide them enough time so that they won't end up with burnouts.

Work on your advertisements. This is a vital step that will help you convince people in buying what you have to offer. Make sure that you include the cause behind your campaign as this will make things more appealing to people. Lastly, execute your plans and don't forget to celebrate your success afterwards.
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Amigos Salsa Fundraiser: Having A Checklist Is Really Helpful

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This article was published on 2011/01/14